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If you upload your Verification/Tracking documents, you will receive an immediate, system-generated acknowledgment via email. If you fax your Verification/Tracking documents, your fax machine should provide you with a notice of successful transmission. The Verification/Tracking documents that you submit will be reviewed within one (1) business day of receipt and considered in determining your federal student aid eligibility and completing the federal student aid file review process.

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DISCLAIMER: Submission of Verification/Tracking documents does not constitute any guarantee of aid eligibility, expressed or implied. By submitting these Verification/Tracking documents to the Virtual Financial Aid Office (VFAO), you are certifying that the documents submitted are authentic representations and the data contained therein is accurate and truthful to the best of your knowledge. Submission of false or misleading information will result in immediate termination of the student aid file review and will be immediately reported to the institution/school.
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